Zhao Wei Films 12 Storeys (1997)

12 Storeys (1997)

12 Storeys (1997)
Feature Film

Directed by:
Eric Khoo

Written by:
Eric Khoo
James Toh

Executive Producers:
Jacqueline Khoo
James Toh
Jimmy Wee

Produced by:
Brian Hong

Jack Neo
Koh Boon Pin
Chuan Yi Fong
Lum May Yee
Lucilla Teoh
Ritz Lim

Cinematography by:
Ho Yoke Weng

Music by:
Kevin Mathews

Edited by:
Jasmine Ng

Distributed by:
Golden Village Pictures

Release date:
12 June 1997

Running time:
105 minutes


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  • UOB Young Cinema Award (10th Singapore International Film Festival)

  • NETPAC – FIPRESCI Critic’s Prize (10th Singapore International Film Festival)

  • Maile Award (Best Film 17th Hawaii International Film Festival)

  • 10th Singapore International Film Festival, April 1997

  • 50th Cannes Film Festival

  • 30th Anniversary of ASEAN – ASEAN Film Festival, June 1997

  • Asean- Canberra Film Festival, August 1997

  • 46th Melbourne International Film Festival, July 1997

  • Montreal World Film Festival, August 1997

  • East- Asia Film & Television Festival (Penang), August 1997

  • Films from the South Film Festival (Oslo), September 1997

  • Filmfest Hamburg 1997

  • Mill Valley Film Festival, September 1997

  • South East Asian Film Festival (Vancouver), September 1997

  • 16th Vancouver International Film Festival, September 1997

  • 2nd Pusan International Film Festival, October 1997

  • 41st London Film Festival, November 1997

  • Hawaii International Film Festival, November 1997

  • Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, November 1997

  • Mumbai Festival of Films, November 1997

  • Tokyo International Film Festival, November 1997

  • Stockholm International Film Festival, November 1997

  • 27th Rotterdam International Film Festival, January 1998

  • Fribourg International Film Festival, March 1998

  • 17th Istanbul International Film Festival, April 1998

  • Newport International Film Festival, March 1998

  • NetPac Asian Film Tours, March 1998

  • Brussels International Film Festival, January 1998

  • NAT International Film Festival, February 1998

  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival, 1998

  • Bangkok Film Festival, 1998

  • Commonwealth Film Festival (Kuala Lumpur), September 1998

  • Asean Secretariat Exhibition (Jakarta), September 1998

Eric Khoo’s 12 Storeys, the first Singaporean film to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival, is a tragicomic take on life… Far from the retail palaces of Orchard Road.
Time Magazine

From public housing to the Cannes Croisette
Asia Week

Simply and elegantly, the film presents unadorned slices of life that challenge the myth of a people thriving ‘Asian values’..
The Asian Wall Street Journal

12 Storeys is a showpiece that the nation can be proud of
The Straits Times

“In 12 Storeys, we finally have a Singaporean movie that’s worth every cent of the $7 you will spend on it. A truly magnificent Singaporean movie
The New Paper

The most important Singaporean film yet made
Derek Malcolm
Chief Film Critic of the Guardian

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The film depicts a day in a HDB block of residential flats in Singapore with all the action occuring within a 24-hour period. There are essentially three main storylines:

China Bride
Ah Gu (Jack Neo), a middle-aged man has brought home a pretty young wife from China (Quan Yifeng), but he has to cope with her overly high expectations, and hence increasing frustation and disappointment with life in Singapore.

San San
San San (Lucilla Teoh) lives alone with only suicide on her mind. A meeting with the daughter of her mother’s former employer, Rachel (Neo Swee Lin) acts as a trigger for an outpouring of sadness.

Sister’s Keeper
With parents away, upright but overbearing eldest brother Meng (Koh Boon Pin) takes the opportunity to lord it over his rebellious younger sister, Trixie (Lum May Yee) and little brother Tee (Roderick Lim). Meng’s persisitent interest in Trixie’s personal life leads to first, an interrogation, then an argument, and ultimately something far more explosive.