Zhao Wei Films In The Room (2015)

In The Room (2015)

In The Room (2015)
Feature Film

Directed by:
Eric Khoo

Written by:
Jonathan Lim
Andrew Hook

Executive Producer:
Jeffrey Chan

Produced by:
Nansun Shi

Tan Fong Cheng
Huang Junxiang
Jacqueline Khoo

Associate Producers:
Bert Tan
Mike Wiluan
Freddie Yeo

Koh Boon Pin
Daniel Jenkins
Josie Ho
Ian Tan
Nadia AR
Netnaphad Pulsavad
Wasurat Unaprom
Lawrence Wong
Show Nishino
Choi Woo Shik
Kkobbi Kim

Cinematography by:
Brian Gothong Tan

Music by:
Christine Sham
Christopher Khoo
James Khoo

Production Designer:
Arthur Chua

Edited by:
Natalie Soh

Distributed by:
Distribution Workshop

Release date:
25 February, 2016

Running time:
105 minutes

Various (English, Cantonese, Thai, Japanese, Korean)




IN THE ROOM deals with love, life and lust.

Eric Khoo’s latest film is a tapestry of stories, all of which unfold in a hotel room over several decades. The common thread is sex.

That hotel room is Room 27 at the Singapura Hotel, which started out as a ritzy establishment in the 1940s but has, over the decades, lost its sheen of respectability. In that time, Room 27 has felt and experienced – through the individuals who have passed through its doors and made love on its bed – all facets of the human condition: joy, love, fear, compassion, cruelty, depravity and redemption.

It has witnessed beginnings and endings, and everything in between.

For some, Room 27 is a nameless numbered room, a place which provides a cloak of anonymity, where one could indulge in indiscretions and the forbidden, where their trespasses will be forgiven once they return the key and sign the bill.

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