Zhao Wei Films Mee Pok Man (1995)

Mee Pok Man (1995)

Mee Pok Man (1995)
Feature Film

Directed by:
Eric Khoo

Written by:
Foong Yu Lei

Produced by:
Jacqueline Khoo

Production Manager:
Brian Hong

Joe Ng
Michelle Goh
Lim Kay Tong

Cinematography by:
Ho Yoke Weng

Music by:
John Kompa

Edited by:
Martyn See

Distributed by:
Shaw Organization
Media Asia

Release date:

Running time:
98 minutes


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  • Special Mention Prize, 8th Singapore International Film Festival

  • Special Jury Prize, 9th Fukuoka Asian Film Festival 1996

  • Special Mention from the Jury ,New Currents Award Competition, Best New Asian Director, 1st Pusan International Film Festival, 1996)

  • 8th Singapore Internationsl Film Festival (April 1995)

  • Asian Film Festival / Asian-American Federation of Florida Inc. (May 1995)

  • Fukuoka Asian Film Festival (Competition) (July 1995)

  • 9th Moscow International Film Festival (Competition) (July 1995)

  • The World Film Festial – Montreal (August/September 1995)

  • La Biennale Di Venezia – Venice Film Festival (August/September 1995)

  • 14th Vancouver international Film Festival (Competition) (September/October 1995)

  • Mill Valley Film Festival (October 1995)

  • The Shanghai International Film Festival (October/November 1995)

  • Hawaii International Film Festival (November 1995)

  • London Film Festival (November 1995)

  • Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival (October/November 1995)

  • 19th Cairo International Film Festival (November/December 1995)

  • Berlin International Film Festival (Forum) (Febuary 1996)

  • The Night Film Festival – Copenhagen (March 1996)

  • Festival de Films de Fribourg (Competition) (March 1996)

  • 11th Dublin Film Festival (March)

  • San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (March 1996)

  • 20th Cleveland International Film Festival (March 1996)

  • Hong Kong International Film Festival (March/April 1996)

  • Sydney Film Festival (June 1996)

  • 13th Jerusalem Film Festival (July 1996)

  • Stockholm Film Festival (July 1996)

  • Asian American Film Festival – New York/Brooklyn (July/August 1996)

  • Sacramento Festival of Cinema (August 1996)

  • The 1st Pusan International Film Festival (Competition) (September 1996)

  • Australian International Film festival – Canberra (October 1996)

  • 16th Festival International du Film d’Amiens (November 1996)

  • Filmfest Braunschweig (November 1996)

  • Associacao Cultural Sladanha – Lisbon (November 1996)

  • Calcutta International Film Festival (December 1996)

  • PIA Film Festival – Tokyo (December 1996)

  • Cinemaya – Kerala (January 1997)

  • Cinema Lumiere – Bologna (Febuary 1997)

  • International Film Festival of Festivals in Saint-Petersburg – St Petersburg (June 1997)

One can only hope for more discoveries like Eric Khoo
Howard Feinstein
Timeout Magazine

A vibrant punchy, sometimes moving street film. The characters are memorable, the sense of place pungent and colourful
Michael Wilmington
The Chicago Tribune

… For an idea of the good things that may be in store for Singapore’s nascent film industry, check out Eric Khoo’s Mee Pok Man. This well-crafted story about a prostitute and slow-witted noodle seller packs a big wallop. This film rates three and a half morbid twists out of four.
AsiaWeek Magazine

Mee Pok Man is a film I really enjoyed. Eric Khoo has all the makings of a wonderful film maker.
John Anderson
New York Film Critics Circle

Eric Khoo makes an impressive directorial debut….Khoo exhibits considerable talent in evoking the right mood through extremely long takes and silent sequences, recorded by a nonjudgemental stationary camera. The lead performers, Joe Ng as the slow-witted man and Goh as the world weary prostitute, are decently credible.
Emanuel Levy

mee pok man copy


Lonely, misunderstood and ridiculed, the mee pok man runs an all-night fish-ball noodle stall in a notorious part of Singapore. His patrons are denizens of the night, a motley assortment of characters from the seamier side of life.

Among them is Bunny, a disillusioned prostitute who is controlled by villainous pimp, Mike Kor (Lim Kay Tong) and his band of hoodlums. Bunny dreams often of escaping her dreary existence and pins her hopes on her sleazy English boyfriend, Jonathan Reese (David Brazil).

Unknown to Bunny, the mee pok man is obsessed with her. He sees her as a fragile angel whom he must rescue from the muck and filth she is mired in. An accident brings them together. But just as the two lonely souls begin to connect, Fate intervenes and deals them a cruel hand.

Cheated of his happiness, the mee pok man rejects society and dives headlong into a relationship that is at once touching as it is bizarre.