Zhao Wei Films One Leg Kicking (2001)

One Leg Kicking (2001)

One Leg Kicking (2001)
Feature Film

Directed by:
Khoo Koh

Written by:
Eric Khoo
Wei Koh
Redmund Law
James Toh

Executive Producers:
Eric Khoo
Daniel Yun
James Toh

Produced by:
Jacqueline Khoo
Mabelyn Ow

Mark Lee
Gurmit Singh
Moe Alkaff
Sharon Au
Siva Choy
Hossan Leong
Robin Leong
Lim Kay Tong
Fiona Xie

Cinematography by:
David Park

Music by:
John David Kompa
Kevin Matthews
Jason Tan
Joe Ng

Edited by:
Lawrence Ang

Distributed by:
United International Pictures

Release date:

Running time:
90 minutes


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One Leg Kicking” tells the story about a group of underdogs who form an amateur football team (THE DURIANS) to play in a fictional local league organized by a farsighted sponsor. The prize for the winners : a trip to the 2002 World Cup Finals. Gurmit Singh plays (TAI PO) the common man’s hero, raising his two young children single handedly after his wife passes away.

The rest of the “Durians” include Mark Lee (HANDSOME), an ex-convict with major anger management problems, Moe Alkaff (VERNON), a lounge singer struggling against his deadly nemesis, the karaoke machine; and Sharon Au (KIM) a tender but tough tomboy, while Siva Choy (SAMMY BEST) plays the inspirational coach who moulds them into a winning side.